First post

This is my first blog. I’ve never been into blogging since the blogs I read sound very negative. I’m not a positive person by any means but I just felt like blogs were a gateway for people to only express things they could not express other way.  Also I’m a firm believer in privacy and I can see blogs being a tool for identity theft. Finally, although I like writing, I don’t find myself a good writer and even though I am an engineer and consider myself tech savvy, I find social networking and blogging a difficult thing to grasp. I mean there are over 10 buttons on the left side of this page that I don’t know what they do!

So why am I writing a blog? This is an MBA class project and we have been tasked by the instructor to work on branding ourselves on the internet.  I can see how web can be an easy and an inexpensive way for one to brand him/herself.

Anyway….this is my first blog.  Get pumped!


~ by aliahmadian on January 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “First post”

  1. Good luck on your blog. I think you may find it to be enjoyable. There is something wonderful about writing whatever you want and having the option of keeping yourself anonymous. It is a great way to be social and antisocial all in one. 😀 That’s why I like it. Oh yeah, and it is also an ego trip to check your stats and see how many people actually clicked to read your blog.

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