Flirting at work

This article suggests that, statistically, flirtatious women get fewer raises, promotions.  I don’t know to what extend I can agree with or believe the results in this study.  The study was developed from a focus group of women in pharmaceutical sales and the surveys were taken by 164 female MBA graduates.  This sample does not represent all female workers.  I can’t help but to think there are plenty of women who can (and do) advance in their careers by a little flirting.  I know this is a touchy subject and I know many professional women would be offended by this statement.

What I do believe is that this is hardly a woman’s fault.  If a woman advances in her career by flirting, that is not entirely her fault because the work environment and the culture they are in also plays a big role in this.

What I mean is, you cannot blame a woman for using all the tools in her possession to advance in life,  if a work environment allows  her to advance in her career by being flirtatious or if the culture a woman has been raised in teaches her that it is all right to use her sexuality to manipulate people to achieve what she wants.  And let’s face it; we live in a world that sex sells.  Sex is everywhere from advertisement to workplace.  So if sex sells a product why can’t one use it to advance in career?  Maybe this is what the Donald meant.

By the way, I think this has deeper root than this.  Not up until recently did women have the same rights as men (in most places in the world they still don’t).  I can see why a woman 50-60 years ago would be desperate to use all she had got to reach a same level as a man in the corporate world and I can see why she would teach her daughter(s) the same techniques and they to their daughters.

Why I do agree with in this article is that relying only on your sexual abilities to advance in a corporate world will have negative consequences and I also think we won’t have to worry about this issue in the future because nowadays women are presented the same kind of opportunities as men and they can just as easily get to the top as men can.  I know this because I’ve had the privilege of working (and reporting to) many women with strong managerial and technical skills who didn’t need to be flirtatious to get to where they are in life and frankly I don’t think they even tried.


~ by aliahmadian on January 27, 2010.

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