MBNA Winner 2004


Principles of high-touch, wide-tech, and professional depth underlines the success of Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business at University of Northern Colorado.

“High-touch” refers to professor/ student ratio.  They made more resources available to the  student by making the classrooms smaller.

“Wide-tech” refers to making the latest business related technologies available to the students.

“Professional Depth” refers to providing professors who hold doctoral degrees in their disciplines or professors who have served as senior business leaders in the industry.

The tree principles mentioned above were achieved by taking an atypical position by eliminating their graduate school program.

As a student point of view, I think what is more important than theoretical study is to get students ready for work.  I think anyone interested in becoming a nurse or a doctor should spend his/her first week of school at a busy hospital to see if that’s a route they really want to take in life.

Additionally, I think a good school is a school that helps students with finding intenship opportunities while they are at school and a school that follows up with its graduates to see where they are in life and whether or not they need career help after school.   I consider myself lucky to have found a job immediately after I finished my Bachelor’s degree but it always bothered me that nobody from my university contacted me to make sure I am employed and to offer any help if needed.  Instead the only time I received a call from the university was when they wanted a donation.  I explained the above to them whenever this occurred but I’m not sure if anything has changed since.   In my opinion, this would be beneficial for the school.  A graduate who is happy with the treatment he has received is more likely to provide support (and this is not just financial support) to the school.  A happy graduate is more likely to come back to the school as a motivational speaker and is more encouraged to give the same kind of opportunities he has received to student currently enrolled in said school.


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