Playing well with others

I enjoyed reading this article.  I feel like I have good enough interpersonal skills to be able to relate to variety of people but what I lack are better communication skills.  I feel like, and I hope that, through the MBA program I’m in I can improve  my writing and verbal skills to be able to better express my ideas to people.

This articles explains that the interpersonal skills are important but it does not go into detail why they are important.  I think the reason these “soft skills” , especially effective communication, is important is because to be a good leader, one needs to be able to gain trust with individual one works with to be able to convince them to buy into his/her ideas and to be able to get the most out of the individuals in an organization.  The more you relate, or try to relate, to people you work with the more they will be willing to listen.

You can have many good ideas but for as long as you can’t express those ideas through appropriate communication channels, you are not going to get far with those ideas.


~ by aliahmadian on January 27, 2010.

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