Teaching Smart People How to Learn


Chris Argyris’ Teaching Smart People How to Learn is a bitter dose of reality for me.  As much as I hate to admit I have been the defensive self-righteous professional he is writing about here, who has been stuck in the “Doom Loop”.

Ironically, whenever I have been asked to describe myself in a professional world; I always describe myself as a “fast learner” among other things.  But the truth is up until recently I have had a really hard time to see through my own errors and to live up to my errors to be able to learn from my failure.  It is just a lot more convenient to deflect by blaming the errors on someone else!  The good thing is that publicly admitting this gives me a chance to do what Argyris promotes and gives me a chance to change the way I behave by changing the way I think and vice-versa.

As a future my role would be teaching people to be more vulnerable and help them feel safe to be able to admit to their errors in order to be able to learn from their failures.  I think the best way for a leader to achieve this is to practice what they preach to provide an environment where people feel safe enough to own up to their mistakes and also an environment in which people can safely try new methods to improve their actions so that those mistakes are not repeated.


~ by aliahmadian on January 28, 2010.

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