To a United Pilot, The Friendly Skies Are a Point of Pride

As someone who travels often for work and pleasure, I have many opinions about the issues brought up in this article.

I remember traveling when I was a little kid.  You know, when you would get a real meal on plane instead of sad bag of peanuts.  When little kids would receive little toys from stewardesses  and when people didn’t have to pay extra for pillows, blankets and their bags to fly.

It seems that nowadays the aviation industry only relies on the rules of supply and demands and does not believe in customer satisfaction.  I mean, people still have to fly to get from A to B, right?  People will pay extra for their bags to fly and people will suck it up and waste 7 hours on a flight that should only take 3 hours on airplanes that are way too old.  Only because this industry hasn’t been able to come up with better ways to cut down on cost and still guarantee profit for the airlines.

I think what Captain Flanagan has done is very honorable.  I think it’s nice that one pilot goes out of his way to satisfy his passengers, but is this what passengers want?  Or are passengers thirsty for fairs that don’t cost an arm and legs?  Is the problem that all the airlines nowadays equally terrible?  I think the general travel experience nowadays is not what it used to be.  The  travel experience has changed from the moment you get to the airport to when you claim your luggage.  The time you ar actually on the plane is only a small part of the experience.   I think more pilots should follow Captain Flanagan’s ways to satisfy passengers but i think airlines need to do a better job by lowering the cost of travel,  shortening the travel time, minimizing the delays and providing newer and safer planes.

What Captain Flanagan does is basically common sense, happier customers are loyal customers and happy customers bring more customers, but since I know Captain Flanagan is such a rarity in the airline industry, his story alone does not make me lean towards United airline more than other airlines.   For now, i’m going to stick with southwest for their customer service even though I get stock with a flight with 3-4 stops every time I want to travel to the east coast.


~ by aliahmadian on February 7, 2010.

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