WSJ: Get Healthy—Or Else

It’s difficult for an employer to make a decision for employee’s health without crossing the line.  I feel there should be a better way to motivate employees to take care of their health to cut down health costs.  My worry here is that employers around the country are so focused on cutting cost that they have lost sight on coming up with other means to improve profit but i digress.

I don’t disagree that a healthy employee has more to offer to the organization but how you encourage that as an employer is what makes the difference.  To me the best way to encourage employees to be healthier is by incentives.  Give employees a discount on health insurance for staying healthier rather than punishing them by terminating them.

This way, if you are paying higher premiums than your peers, you are the only one to be blamed.  I realize I could be wrong by thinking saving money in health insurance premium can be important to someone who is already spending thousands of dollars a year to buy cigarettes; but in my experience, punishment is rarely ever successful.

I think if companies provide incentives in this particular case, they can be more successful in showing that they actually care about employees’ health rather than making it look like it’s all about cutting cost by punishing employees who fail to meet the expectations.


~ by aliahmadian on February 22, 2010.

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