WSJ: Two Football Coaches Have a Lot to Teach Screaming Managers

Reading this article,  some might use examples of loud and rude coaches who have been successful in NFL to argue with the point this article is trying to make.

To me, you could be a loud and obnoxious manager or a coach and be successful but you won’t be as consistent as likes of Tony Dungy.  Tony Dungy uses mutual respect to motivate his players and that goes a long way.   Sure, you can scream at your employees to get something done fast but is that employee going to be motivated to get the next task done or will that employee make an assumption that nothing he or she does is good ever enough?  Or will they just move on to another job where they will be respected?  Yes.  Scare tactics might work for a short period of time to get a job done but they will not be a reliable tool in the long run.

As a manager, you cannot afford to create stress and hostile environment to get a task done today; you have to think longer ahead and use different tactics to get things done.


~ by aliahmadian on February 22, 2010.

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