Harvard Business Review – Level 5 Leadership

This Harvard Business Review done by Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, illustrates that it takes more to become an outstanding leader to achieve greatness and to standout among other leaders.

Collins argues that a level 5 leader is one that channels her ego needs away from herself in order to achieve a larger goal in taking a company that is good to great.  Level 5 leaders are as ambitious and fierce as other leaders but it is their humility that sets them above other leaders.  Indeed a level 5 leaders ambitions is for the institution they lead not for themselves.

In addition to humility, level 5 leaders also posses extraordinary amount of will.  This review is filled with examples of leaders, most unknown by majority of the population, who posses extraordinary amount of humility and will.  Individuals who put their organization needs before their own and instead of putting themselves in the spotlight put their products and organizations in the spotlight.

Do you need a level 5 leader to succeed?  Not necessarily.  In fact, in my opinion, you can have leaders who put themselves out there in the spotlight by sometimes even obnoxious behavior and decisions and reach greatness. In fact I know there are plenty of  them out there.  But you can’t deny the fact that a failure rate for a level 5 leader must me a lot lower than the other other 4 levels of leaders.


~ by aliahmadian on April 7, 2010.

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