WSJ – How Col. Dowdy lost his command in race to Baghdad

This Wall street Journal article illustrates how even the best leaders can be subjected to failure when they are put in a system where they are not in agreement with majority of the group.  This article reminds me so much of the Dean’s Disease.  This is an example of failed system where one is considered to be the bad apple merely for questioning the decisions of their superior.

I understand that in a battlefield time is of an essence but I don’t believe that is an excuse for group think.  I don’t believe that a colonel’s voice should not be heard just because he opposes the majority voice.  In this case Col. Dowdy believed his men’s lives were more important than completing the mission in the time-frame given to him by his superior.  I don’t have the expertise to decide whether or not this is true.  But I do believe that his thoughts as an admired commander should have been fully considered and that his voice should have been heard.  I also don’t see his opposition a legitimate reason for his termination.


~ by aliahmadian on April 7, 2010.

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