WSJ – Lt. Withers Act of Mercy has Unexpected Sequel

This Wall Street Journal shows how even in extreme situations one can still make the right decisions.  In this story, Lt. Withers, an African American soldier in World War II decided to break status quo by allowing two Jewish kids stay with his camp instead of sending them back to the prison at Dachau, were all the Jewish prisoners of war were kept after they were rescued by the allies.

Lt. Withers took a huge risk by doing so because at that time the African American soldiers were segregated and he knew it was especially important for them to obey orders.  This also had a personal risk for Lt. Withers because it could possibly get  him a dishonorable discharge from the army.  He made his decision because he felt like it was the right decision and also because he wanted to keep his men’s trust and respect as a leader.

By taking this risk, Lt. Withers was able to not only make a difference in his own life and the 2 Jewish fugitives, but he was also able to make a difference in the lives of his family, their families and his men.


~ by aliahmadian on April 7, 2010.

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