Wall Street Journal Article: Good Leadership


In my opinion this short Wall Street Journal article captures what is wrong in today’s society.  You cannot find many CEOs like Mr. Levin who chose to do the right thing instead of serving their own interest.

What is wrong with today’s society is that CEOs or other individual with extraordinary levels of power given to them,  mistakenly think that they are entitled to enormous rights and benefits and can bend and shape rules to serve their own interest.  Many CEOs nowadays don’t see the benefit in doing the right thing.  You see the AIG management giving themselves hefty bonuses while they ask the government to bail them out with taxpayers’ money.  You see many other companies’ CEOs getting ridiculous amount of benefits and bonuses while they enforce massive layoffs of their work force.  You see CEOs moving from company to company, promising to make a difference but all they end up doing is destroy these companies cultures, collect a ridiculous paycheck and bail.

Ethics are so easily over looked these days.  How can one possibly expect an employee to take a pay cut while watching many of his peers’ jobs getting terminated but at the same time read about how the CEOs and Vice presidents get massive bonuses and still expect them to perform well for the organization.

A good leader is an ethical leader, who consistently put the interest of their shareholders (this includes the company and their employees) ahead of their self-interest.  A good leader makes a difference by gaining his employees trust and respect.  It’s not easy to make the right decision all the time but that’s why CEOs make the salary they make.  They do the hard work, they make the difficult decisions all the time. They make personal sacrifice to benefit their shareholders.  In my opinion, if you don’t make a personal sacrifice while making the right decision you don’t deserve a hefty bonus.


~ by aliahmadian on April 11, 2010.

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