ACT – Changing Others Through Changing Ourselves

This article reminded me of the Dean’s Disease.  The first step to immune ourselves is to recognize how easy it is to be infected.  Advanced Change Theory is what separates good leaders from great leaders.  All leaders are interested in bringing success to their organization and almost all say that they are open to change but only some are willing to go the extra mile to make a sacrifice and put their organization before their self-interest.

A great leader is not a saint but is one that can recognize her hypocrisy, patterns of self-deception and admit her short-comings.  A great leader recognizes the fact that certain general human tendencies can prevent her from seeking the best result.  The best result rarely comes by taking the easy path.

It is absolutely necessary for a leader to be truly open to change in order to change people and organizations.  Great leaders possess flexibility in their views while remaining true to their values.  They do the right thing all the time as opposed to follow the rules.  This is being fearless in making risking decisions while avoiding to be reckless.  Additionally, they build relationships based on trust rather than control, recognizing that they can get more from people by developing trust rather than fear.


~ by aliahmadian on April 28, 2010.

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