Organizational Silence

There are many factors that result in Organizational silence.  Factors from the organizational structure, managerial practices to individual preferences.  Organizational silence is more than just a philosophical idea, it changes the end result for the shareholder.  Each organization should have a culture that not only allows employees to freely speak their mind but should also award employees for their constructive criticism and feedback.

Trust is very important developing a mutual relationship towards one goal.  Managers should put trust on top of their agenda and should work hard to keep the trust once they have it because once the trust is gone it may be very difficult to fix the broken link between employee and management.   The root of this mistrust is often originated from management when managers don’t welcome feedback and criticism thinking their employees have their own selfish agenda.  This causes employees being fearful for sharing their feedback knowing that their feedback is not welcome and will have negative consequences.  The overall result can be problems that could have easily and cheaply been resolved had there been a better trusted relationship between employee and management.


~ by aliahmadian on April 28, 2010.

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